🔥We need to do this to build an active user with full access

🔥We need to do this to build an active user with full access:🔥
net user username password / add / active: yes / expire: never / time: all

This is cmd in admin mode!

If we were an administrator, we would like to give it access:

even the localgroup administrator username / add

If not, go to the control panel and you list the users:
If the user was made:
Go through the third option and select the admin access!
And if the user was made we did not find your user list in the control panel.
Directly from our computer, we work and manage:
First we're going to list your users in the computer
Then we click on the user for two!
I'm on the next tab. Next to the left of the window, there's a button that we'll put it to the right. Then there is another window that has three buttons open and we are in the middle of the list and we will select it in the list of opened groups according to the main user name of the local group server!

This is the method of making an active user

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